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Mandy Baune


Phone: 612.382.9405

Coach Background

This is Mandy's second year of coaching for the Irish Elite although she has grown up in the sport with her dad and all three sisters being coaches as well.  Mandy was an outside hitter throughout her career with an emphasis and passion for defense and fundamentals.  This, not surprising then, is her main focus as she enjoys watching her players develop and master these skills.  When you don't find her on the volleyball court, Mandy also often helps coach one of her four children's other sports.....believing strongly the benefits athletes/kids achieve from being a part of a variety of different programs.  

Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament Location
Jan 13 M1 tournament Bloomington
Jan 27-28 Big City Luau Twin Cities Metro
Feb 10-11 NCR President’s Day Festival Various Locations
Feb 17 Club 43 Volleyball Hopkins
Mar 3 Eastview Spring Dig Apple Valley
Mar 17 Owatonna Spikers Open Owatonna
Apr 7 Lakeville South Tournament Lakeville
Apr 14 Lakeville North 12’s Tournament Lakeville
Apr 28 NCR Area Championships Twin Cities Metro

12-1s Win Lakeville South Tournament

The 12-1s came off spring break ready to play this past weekend winning the Lakeville South tournament.  Pool play seemed to not give the 12-1s team much competition as they won all matches in 2 sets giving up less then 15 points in each set.  It was apparent however, that there had been some time out of the gym as their serving and passing wasn't what it typically has been.  As they moved into the gold bracket, the Irish were the only non Shakopee team.  Bracket play provided more competition for the girls and it was nice to see them step up their game to their opposition.  The first round of playoffs the Irish beat the 12-2 Shakopee team advancing them to the championship against their 12-1 team.  We gave up the first set just settling in, making mistakes on our side of the net but turned it around for the 2nd and 3rd sets never looking back.  It was nice to be back in the gym after almost 2 weeks of not, I have high expectations as we round out our season with our last two tournaments.

As One!

12-1 Take 3rd at Owatonna Spikers Open

The 12-1s had an easy road through pool play in Owatonna going 6-0 with little competition.  The girls did a solid job making sure they continued to serve aggressively, but keep the ball in.  They also did a consistent job running the offense and working our side of the court.  The first competition came as we entered the bracket play.  The match started out pretty evenly, however, the girls stepped up their game and pulled ahead to a nice lead and won the first set.  As we began the 2nd set, the girls lost their focus and made too many mistakes on our side of the net.  We missed serves and made offensive mistakes, losing the 2nd set.  As we entered the 3rd set the 12-1s couldn't find their groove and we found ourselves with the point spread widening.  It was a good test for our mental ability, and unfortunately, the girls couldn't get back in the game and when you only play to 15, there isn't a lot of time to get the set turned around.  We were caught off guard by the opposition serving aggressively and blocking, which we haven't seen.  It was a good learning experience for our girls, we need to make sure that we never let down and also need to hold onto the momentum on our side.  After having some time off for Spring Break, we are looking forward to the competition that is ahead in the month of April.

As One!

12-1 Take 3rd at Eastview Spring Dig

The 12-1s didn't have a lot of competition in pool play at Eastview last Saturday going 6-0 to begin the day.  The girls did a nice job serving competitively to stay ahead of their competition as well as working on their offense.  They had to stay mentally focused as they were never sure when/how the ball would be returned.  As they began bracket play, their first opponent was a Lakeville North team that showed good ball control, but the Irish ran their offense and took both sets quite swiftly.  It was fun to watch them play this match as their skills emerged and their confidence shown.  The semi-final match against a strong Cannon Falls team proved the first challenge of the day.  The girls came out strong and took a nice lead, but couldn't hold on to it.  The 12-1s continued to focus on our side of the net working our offense, but our own mistakes allowed Cannon Falls to take the lead.  We gave up too many hitting errors  and missed serves which allowed CF to take the win.  Overall, the last two matches of the tournament were a great effort and showing by the 12-1s and we hope to get another chance at Cannon Falls as I believe the outcome will be different!

As One!

12-1s take 2nd at Club 43

The girls had a solid day of volleyball at Club 43 overall going 8-3.  They began the morning playing their best competition in the pool, Kokoro 12-1, who they lost to in Big City Luau.  The girls did a great job serving aggressively and running the offense during rallies, beating them in 2.  The remaining teams in the pool challenged our focus and staying consistent on our side of the court, with the girls taking both matches in 2.  We headed into bracket 6-0.  The semi-final match was a good one facing Roseville 12-1.  The girls were defeated the first set but came back strong the next two taking the win in an exciting finish.  I think the girls were a little exhausted over that match and just didn't have it in them for the last match.  Where we had beat High Voltage at President's Day, their scrappiness and lack of errors wore us down.  The 12-1s continued to serve aggressively and run the offense aggressively which ultimately allowed HV to win due to our errors.  In the long run the girls will be in a better position as a volleyball team....overall it was a solid effort and I was proud of the way they played!

As One!


12-1s Take 3rd in the Gold Bracket of the Silver Division during President's Day

The 12-1s had another strong showing this past weekend during the NCR's President's Day tournament.  They competed in the Silver bracket with 63 other teams in the two day event.  The first morning of pool play the Irish did not have much competition from a fundamental perspective as they served consistently and focused on playing their game on their side of the court being ready for anything.  However, the matches did give the girls a mental challenge and forced them to stay focused and work on 3 touches with a pass, set, attack, regardless of what was happening with their opponent.  The 12-1s won all 3 matches in 2 sets going 6-0 for the day.  As they moved to the 2nd day of pool play, the competition increased.  The first match against East Ridge the girls played solid volleyball and won in 2.  As they faced their toughest competition in the tournament thus far, the 12-1 went 3 sets with a scrappy High Voltage 12-1 team, pulling out a win from behind in the 3rd set by staying calm and working our offense, again consistent serving aided in the win.  After having our first break of the day, the girls started slowly against Eastview 12-1s but stuck with it and started to warm up taking the last 2 sets.  This win allowed the team to win their 2nd pool and head to the Gold bracket.  Playing Mizuno Northern Lights 12-2s in the first round of the bracket the girls came out ready to play and early on took the lead and didn't back down.  They did a good job serve receiving and executing the offense resulting in a win in 2 sets.  As the 12-1s faced the Mizuno NL 11-1s in the semi-finals the girls were losing focus a little and their steam.  The first set they were in it until the end, but faced some tough servers and couldn't get a run of points when we had the ball.  As they entered the 2nd set the girls struggled mentally.  Free balls were dropping and our aggressiveness was lacking which resulted in their first loss of the tournament.  Overall, it was a solid tournament with a 3rd place finish!

As One!

12-1 take 3rd in Gold bracket of the Big City Luau Tournament

12-1 Take 3rd

In just the second tournament of the year the 12-1s took 3rd in Kokoro's Big City Luau.  The girls came out strong the first round of play going 2 and 1 losing a really tough match against Kokoro's 12-1 team.  As they competed in the second day of matches, the coaches could tell the girls were getting tired both mentally and physically playing three sets in all but one match.  It was a round robin format with the girls overall record of 4 and 3, winning 12 sets overall.  The girls did a great job in most matches with their ball control and serving.  Only MN Select gave the girls trouble with aggressive, consistent serving, every other match the Irish had an opportunity to win.  The coaches were so proud of the girls and their strong finish in a highly competitive tournament!

As One!

Recent 12-1 Team News

12-1 Win M1 Tourney

By MKB 01/16/2018, 8:00am CST

This past weekend 12-1s entered their first tournament and came ready to play.  They won their pool fairly easily taking all 6 sets of their two matches, beating MN Attack 11s and M1 12-2.  The girls did a great job getting their serves in and focusing on ball control - even having a few pass, set, kills!  After almost a 3 hour delay in moving into bracket play and losing one of their teammates, the girls began slow against CGAA, but pulled out a 2 point come from behind win.  They then found their rhythm and fairly easily again due to consistent, solid serving took the second set.  For the championship, they faced ClubRed who struggled with their rotation causing a lot of delays and frustration on both sides of the net.  But the girls did a really solid job not letting the lack of flow to the match affect their play and came out on top beating them the first two sets.  GREAT JOB 12-1s!


Volunteer Requirements

By smokey Vitek 12/26/2017, 12:45pm CST

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Bella Ottman

Phone: 651.900.0224


Bella is currently a sophmore at RHS and varsity volleyball player.   She started her volleyball career at Rosemount Irish Elite.   She is taking a year off of JO and decided to coach.   This is her first year coaching  and hopes to learn a lot from Mandy