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Presidents Day REQUIRED RHS Volunteer Event

By Smoak Vitek, 01/24/18, 9:15AM CST


It is that time again, Presidents Day.   One of key fundraising events for the RHS Volleyball program.     This year the commitment is different for 2 reasons.  

  • NCR has changed their rental policies.   Now we provide the gym and our payment comes via gate admissions.   So that means we need to operate an admissions gate through out the tournaments.  
  • Second, NCR has split its tournament into two weekends.   February 10 and 11 are 11s thru 14s and February 17 and 18 are 15s thru 17s.    So we need to operate our fundraiser for 2 weekends. 


The good news is that everyone should be able to find opportunities to volunteer.   Our biggest issue is the second weekend (17/18) when many of our players will be playing either in the Twin Cities or Omaha.      So I asked that those players that are not playing on the weekend of 17/18 please sign up for those slots and not on the 10/11 weekend.  Players that are playing locally, please sign up for the set up and take down on the 17/18.     Parents if you have an opportunity to sign up for the 17/18 weekend we would appreciate your help.  


Each player needs to sign up for 2 separate tasks to meet their volunteer commitment.  You are welcome to sign up for additional slots on the 17/18 weekend to earn extra volunteer points.  

  • Set up / Reset / Take down Task Shift Click  HERE
  • Admissions Desk Shift Click HERE



Please sign up as soon as you know your schedule for each weekend so we can fill gaps.




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