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Volunteer Requirements

By smokey Vitek, 12/26/17, 12:45PM CST


Hi Rosemount Irish Elite Parents and Players,

On January 7th and 14th  Rosemount Irish Elite VBC will be hosting the Irish Early Birds Tournaments, and then on January13th, February 4th and March 11th we will host the East Metro 11s League.   The January 7th is our 11s/12s event, January 14th is our 13s/14s event.   The two January tournaments provide an opportunity for our teams to kick off the season in their own gym while raising money for the club through team entry fees, admissions and concessions.  By hosting the EML dates we save on entry fees and provide an opportunity to raise additional funds through concessions.   All Events are good opportunities for parents of players to meet and get to know each other while helping at the tournament.   If everyone does their part the workload is shared.   Your family will meet their volunteer requirement by both the parents and players participating in their assiigned events.   If you cannot work your assigned event you can work a different event, however, please contact Jon or Smokey for approval to work a different event. 

In order to run a successful tournament we have assigned work teams to each of the event dates.   These dates have changed slightly due to tournament conflicts.      

  • Irish Early Bird 11/12s Tournament  on January 7th: 

                        Playing Teams:  11-1, 11-2, 12-2 and 12-3

                        Working Teams:  14-1 and 12-3

  • East Metro League on January 13th

                       Playing Teams:  11-1 and 11-2

                       Working Teams:  15-1 and 12-2

  • Irish Early Bird 13s/14s Tournament on January 14th

                        Playing Teams:  13-1, 13-2, and 14-2

                        Working Teams:  13-2 and 14-2

  • East Metro League on February 4th

                        Playing Teams:  11-1 and 11-2

                        Working Teams:  12-1 and 13-1

  • East Metro League on March 11th

                        Playing Teams:  11-1 and 11-2

                        Working Teams:  11-1 and 11-2

  • Intra-Club Tournament (in March or April)

                        Working Team:  12 Mods


FIRST, we are asking families to donate items for the concession stand.  The donations are not large or expensive and can be brought to the tournaments in the morning.

Team Donation List:   January 7th 11s/12s tournament

  • Each family 1 Powerade 8-packs 20 oz bottle:   12-2 Team
  • Each family 1 Water 12 pack 16.9 oz bottle:   12-3 Team
  • Each Family 1 Ball Park Franks (8 pack) and Hot Dog Buns (8 packs):  14-1 Team

Donations Lists for 2nd tournament and EML Dates will be published the week prior to those events.  


SECOND, work teams are assigned to help at the tournaments.   Players have specific tasks which are listed below.    Parents, we need your help with concessions, gym set-up and take down and concessions.  

Player Work Schedules  

January 7th 11s/12 tournament

  • Gym Set Up:   This will be done by teams practicing on Saturday January 6th.
  • Gym Take Down Clean Up:  12-3 Team
    • All players will stay until the end of the tourament to take down nets, benches and spectator seating along with cleaning up garbage.  
  • Score/Referee Aids:  14-1 Players, sign up HERE

January 13th EML

  • Gym Set Up:   15-1 Team
    • All players should be at the gym at 11:00 am to help set-up nets, benches and spectator seating. 
  • Gym Take Down Clean Up:  12-2 Team
    • All players should be at the gym starting around 4:00 pm to reset the nets benches and spectator seating and clean up garbage.  
  • ​Score/Referee Aids:  15-1 Players, sign up HERE

THIRD, Parents of Working Teams will need to work 1 shift at concessions, admissions or helping with the gym set-up and take-down.   Follow the below links to sign up for a volunteer slot.    Parents not signed up by the Friday morning prior to the tournament will be automatically assigned a slot. 

Parent Work Schedules:  

January 7th 11s/12 tournament: Parents of 14-1 and 12-3 can follow the below link to sign up.  

January 13th EML League: Parents of the 15-1 and 12-2 teams follow the link below to sign up. 

January 14th 13s/14s tournament : Parents of the 13-2 and 14-2 Team can follow the below link to sign up.  


Thanks in advance for all your help,



Rosemount Irish Elite VBC