The following policies are documented below:


  • Player must come to practices and matches in the appropriate attire and with the proper equipment.   
  • Practice attire includes:  T-shirts, shorts or spandex, knee pads, and gym shoes.
  • Tournament Attire includes: Uniform top, spandex, uniform socks, knee pads and gym shoes.
  • Coaches will advise players when dress is not appropriate.
  • Spaghetti strap, tank tops, and cut t-shirts are not permitted. 
  • Shirts must hang below the top of shorts/spandex and shorts/spandex must be of appropriate length and fit.
  • Players with longer hair must tie it back so as to not be in their face or impact their play.  
  • Team uniforms (shirt, spandex, and socks) must be worn in competitions.  Per USAV rules, undergarments (t-shirts, sports bras, leotards, etc.) must not be exposed.  
  • No Jewelry.   Leave it at home.


Rosemount Irish Elite is a competitive, development club, therefore, our approach is to best balance individual development, stressing team concepts, and the fielding of competitive teams.  Playing time guidelines depend on the type of event, age level and team type. Coaches are given some latitude when determining playing time for their respective teams; however, coaches are asked to manage their respective teams with the following guidelines in mind.  

At the beginning of the season, individual player development is stressed and coaches strive for equal playing time. As the season progresses, a starting lineup may be established with alternates rotated in according to their strengths.

However, lack of effort, poor attitude, unacceptable behavior, tardiness and un-excused absences from practice may impact playing time.  Illness, scheduled school events (e.g. choir concerts), and critical family events are considered excused absences, if communicated to the coach in advance.   Excessive excused absences may also impact playing time.

Rosemount Volleyball Club believes that producing well-rounded volleyball players and youth includes participation in other sports, activities and interests.   Although we expect commitment to volleyball we understand that there may be conflicts.   Players need to discuss conflicts with their coaches to ensure team success along with supporting other activities by players.

Practice time – Emphasis is on individual and team development.  Coaches’ attention and player reps during practice should be equal across players based on position. 

League and Tournament pool play playing time – Emphasis is placed on individual and team development with secondary focus on fielding a competitive team.  

Playing time guidelines are as follows:

11s & 12s – During a typical league play date each participant should play approximately 30% or more of the game time. 

13s & 14s - At this age roles become more specific and can impact playing time (i.e. if a team only has one setter that player may see more playing time) however, during a typical league date each participant should play approximately 30% of their positions time.

Tournament play offs – Emphasis is placed on fielding competitive teams with secondary focus on individual development.   Playing time is based on the coaches’ discretion, but all players should see a minimum of one game of playing time during a tournament.


Irish Elite VBC is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for its participants’ physical, emotional and social development and ensuring it promotes an environment free from abuse and misconduct.

Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person.  Bullying, like other disruptive behavior, is conduct that interferes with an athlete’s ability to learn, train, compete, and a coach’s ability to develop young athletes into a cohesive and successful team.    Irish Elite has ZERO TOLERANCE for all types of bullying.


  • Policy pertains to all members of the club, including but not limited to:

    1. Coaches

    2. Parents

    3. Volunteers

    4. Family Members and Friends

  • All acts of bullying and abusive behavior are expressly prohibited, including but not limited to:

    1. Intimidation

    2. Threats

    3. Hazing

    4. Vulgar Language

    5. Cyber-bullying (bullying using any electronic communication including texting, posting on social networks, posting on internet websites or forums, or anything transmitted through a computer, cell phone, or other electronic device).

    6. Harassment of any kind

    7. Physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

  •  Players, Coaches, and Parents will follow these four anti-bullying rules:

    1. We will not bully others.

    2. We will try to help others who are bullied.

    3. We will try to include others who are left out.

    4. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell a coach, parent or board member.

  • Permission or consent by the member being bullied or abused does not lessen or negate the prohibitions contained in this policy.

  • Retaliation against a victim, reporter, or witness is prohibited.

  • False accusations or reports of bullying / abuse against another member are prohibited.

  • A person who engages in abusive behavior, bullying, reprisal, retaliation, or false reporting or who permits, condones, or tolerates bullying or abusive behavior, shall be subject to discipline, which includes, but is not limited to:  suspension from practice, reduction of playing time, suspension from competition, expulsion without refund from the club.  Discipline will be applied on a case by case basis and will escalate if the behavior continues.

Reporting Procedure:

Irish Elite believes that handling issues early can prevent the situation from escalating. We encourage parents and players to use the following process if they believe:

  • There is a conflict or situation that can escalate into an abusive behavior and/or a bullying situation.

  • They have been the target or victim of bullying.

  • They have knowledge of conduct that constitutes bullying or any other abusive behavior.

Steps for Reporting and Handling:

  1. Parent and Player should discuss the situation with the team coaches.   Coaches will document the concern, discuss with the Player and Coach Development Lead and put an action plan in place.   Action plans may include discussions between parties involved, team meetings, immediate disciplinary action if situation dictates.   Name(s) of player reporting the concern will be confidential.   Names of player bullying will initially be kept confidential unless the situation escalates.

  2. Coaches or Player and Coach Development Lead will notify player exhibiting the inappropriate behavior’s parent to ensure proper parental awareness.

  3. The plan will include a follow up discussion to ensure the situation has improved.

  4. If the behavior continues the situation will be escalated to the Volleyball Board for handling.


Conflict Resolution

  1. Player should speak to coach.
  2. Establish a time for the coach, parent and player to meet and discuss.
  3. Speak to Program Director or other Board Member.
  4. Do not approach a coach during a competition or when other players are present.
  5. Please wait 24 hours before reacting to an issue.
Weather Cancellation

In the event of poor weather, we follow ISD 196 school closure policies.  Therefore, if school is closed and / or after school events are cancelled, then our practices are cancelled.  However, we also apply our own judgment in certain situations.  For example, if ISD 196 did not cancel but we have a late practice and the weather indicates ongoing snow and bad conditions by the end of practice, then may cancel.   Coaches will inform teams of cancellations. 

Refund Policy

Tryout  fee is non-refundable. 

During tryouts players will be selected to play for the club.  Upon committing to play for the club, each player is required to pay the balance of the program fee as well as participate in fundraising activities. Refunds will be awarded as follows:

  • Any player who attends tryouts, commits to play for the club, is placed on a team and subsequently cannot participate due to a season ending injury is eligible for a pro-rated refund based on the Rosemount JO Board approval.
  • All other situations involving refund requests will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Rosemount JO Board following receipt of a written request for refund.  Requests for refund should be submitted to the Program Director.