As an Irish Elite Player and member of a team, you are expected to exhibit “As One” behaviors and support the Irish Elite “As One” Culture.   “As One” means your focus is your team and your club.  You do what it takes to make your team more successful which includes following the rules, doing your best all the time and helping your teammates do their best all the time. 

  1. Provide proper equipment (knee pads, shoes) and wear appropriate attire (shorts/spandex, t-shirts, and socks for practice, uniforms for matches).  Coaches will advise players when dress is not appropriate.
    1. Spaghetti strap, tank tops, and cut t-shirts are not permitted. 
    2. Shirts must hang below the top of shorts/spandex and shorts/spandex must be of appropriate length and fit. 
    3. Players with longer hair must tie it back so as to not be in their face or impact their play.  
    4. Team uniforms (shirt, spandex, and socks) must be worn in competitions.  Per USAV rules, undergarments (t-shirts, sports bras, leotards, etc.) must not be exposed.  
    5. No Jewelry.   Leave it at home.
  2. Attend practices, SAQ and team events:
    1. Arrive 10 minutes early to practices.
    2. Notify coach at least one day in advance when you can’t attend. (Unexcused or excessive absences will affect playing time.)
    3. Irish Elite supports participation in other sports / activities and realizes that conflicts arise.   Efforts to balance absences across your activities must be made to ensure no impact to playing time.
  3. Attend a referee and scoring clinic or complete the necessary on-line training annually.  Participate as referee, scorer, and / line judge at competitions equally with teammates.
  4. Participate in fundraising events.
  5. Be respectful and supportive of your team, teammates, club mates and coaches at all times, including at practice, tournaments, school, and in the community:
    1. Recognize and value everyone’s contribution.
    2. Realize and support that others react to and handle situations differently.
    3. Understand and abide by the club’s anti-bullying/abusive behavior policy.
  6. Be engaged with your team at all times:
    1. Listen to your coaches at all times, not just when they are speaking directly to you or about something that relates directly to you.
    2. Participate fully in drills even when not executing the drill; shag, watch, learn and support.
    3. Remain mentally “into” the game whether playing or not; cheer, support, learn and be prepared.
    4. Be available at all times during competitions.  Due to constantly changing schedules players must not leave the competition unless approved by coach.
  7. Be a positive representative of the Irish Elite Volleyball Club, especially while at events or wearing Irish Elite apparel.   This includes on social media, in school, and outside of Irish Elite events.
  8. Be coachable; learn to accept criticism, and do your best to improve. Talk to your coach if you have questions or concerns.
  9. Work hard, learn and HAVE FUN!
  10. Honor the game!