Structure and Approach

The Rosemount Irish Elite Junior Olympic (JO) Volleyball program is geared towards players ages 10 to 14 that are committed to improving their volleyball skills through hard work, positive attitude, and commitment.   

Teams consist of 8-10 players whenever possible. Participants learn fundamental individual volleyball and team skills, competitive skills, and game strategies.   Keeping our team sizes small ensures solid development, ample playing time and strong team bonding.   However, this also requires consistent commitment from players.

Age Group Coordinators and Age Group Skill Development sessions are utilized to ensure consistent fundamental skill development across teams.  Typically 1 practice per week is organized by age group and focused on skill development.

Position-centric training is used to develop position specific skills.   Volleyball requires a solid understanding of specific skills related to positions especially in the older age groups.  

Team coaching is utilized in an effort to effectively leverage coaching knowledge across teams and age groups.   Coaches help develop all players during skill development and position-centric training sessions.              

Age Group Coordinators, Coaches and Parent Representatives

A fundamental philosophy of the Rosemount JO Volleyball program is providing quality instruction and positive role models to their participants.  Positive adult role models allow athletes to grow and accept challenges. 

All coaches are paid positions held by qualified, experienced volleyball coaches and players.  Parent coaches are permitted given the parent has the proper experience and skills.   

Age Group Coordinators are assigned to each age group.  The AGC are responsible for running the Skill Development sessions, ensuring consistent fundamental skill development, and assisting coaches in team strategies. 

All coaches, age group coordinators, club personnel, and parent representatives must accept and abide to RAAA background screening process and JVA code of ethics and policies.

Season and Competitions

All Rosemount Irish Elite JO teams & players are members of the USAV and all comptetition & developer teams/players are part of JVA (Junior Volleyball Association).

Tryouts are in November with the season starting in December.  First competitions begin in January.   All competitions are in the form of tournaments held on weekends.   The number of tournaments varies by team type.   Additional tournaments can be added if teams desire, but these will result in additional fees.    Most teams complete their season by late April or early May. 

All coaches and participants are required to attend a Referee and Score Keeper clinic or complete online Referee and Scoring courses prior to participating in tournaments.  The clinics and courses are organized by the NCRUSAV JO program.

Preliminary Season Competition Schedules are provided at Parent Player Meeting in December.   Families are to review that schedule and communicate conflicts with their coach as soon as possible to ensure coverage.   Elite Team members must commit to attending required tournaments.  This process is critical to ensure the success of the team.   We carry smaller rosters to ensure good individual development but this requires players commit to attending key events. 

Rosemount Irish Elite is supportive of players participating in other activities including other sports, activities and interests.   We will work with parents to minimize conflicts and support excused absences for other activities.   We simply ask that parents and players advise early of conflicts and balance absences between outside interests.